Dear Coffee, I love you!

Good words start with brainstorming, great ideas start with coffee.

Nothing wakes me up better than a good cuppa in the morning. To some of us, cups, mugs; they are just something to hold our beverages; what matters is what we pour into them. To others, it is probably an extension of who they are, a part of their personality. I fall into the latter category. But beneath the passion there is also the underlying question of what do you do to keep mugs from overwhelming your cupboards? How do you organize your coffee cups? I will try to solve this mug clutter problem with some simple coffee mug storage ideas.

If you really don’t have space on your counter for coffee mugs, you could add a charming wall mug rack. Or even just use cup hooks under a cabinet to accomplish the same thing. I even used a small tiered stand for coffee mugs once, which really is a great idea if you only need a few mugs!

Mug Tree:


If you have the kind of life where people drop in on a daily basis for coffee and a chat, I like the idea of a mug tree. A mug tree keeps cumbersome mugs out of the cupboard and is an inviting element in a kitchen. Besides the joy of selecting a beautiful mug to go with your coffee each morning, there’s something so charming about the form and function of a mug tree on a kitchen counter. The mug tree really doesn’t take up a lot of room on the counter, and they hold so many mugs that it saves a lot of space in the cabinet, too!

Turn mugs into art:


Your coffee cup collection doubles as colorful wall art, punching up a plain wall in your mostly-neutral space.

Embrace Open shelving:


When you combine a floating shelf with a silver rail and S-hooks, you have a coffee station that feels almost like a brand-new piece of furniture.

Go Vertical:


Creating visually pleasant storage does not have to be complicated. All you need is a piece of wood and some nails to create a pretty organiser that takes full advantage of tall walls.

Wire Basket:


This tiered container takes coffee organisation to the next level.

Wooden Shelves:


Save valuable cupboard space by displaying coffee mugs on a decorative shelf that would serve dual purposes of showcases your fab collection and freeing up much needed cabinet space.

Hang them Free:


If your adorable coffee mugs are hiding in a shelf somewhere, set them free! Hang your beautiful mugs or tea cups on the wall with hooks on a wooden plank. They just look awesome, dont they?

If you create any of these , I’d love to see it! You can share a link in the comments below, or tag me in Instagram with a photo (my user name is@barshasharma). Till then enjoy your coffee! Have  a great week 🙂







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