Annie and Partha’s classic meet eclectic home

I am beginning my “home tour” section with a very eclectic  home I visited recently, Annie and Partha’s abode at Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.  The couple’s tastefully collected interiors and their penchant for travel has inspired a home that is uniquely theirs. Enter their beautiful and cozy home and it’s immediately clear that the saying is true, home is what you make of it.

Every treasure in this house has a story or a memory associated with it. Local artisan pieces, vintage finds from their many travels, gifts from family and friends, and well-read books; all found a place here. Annie’s home is defined by neutrals colors, natural textures, and balanced with bright pops of color.

Each room is so calm and warm that you don’t want to leave the comfort of it. They say that this is a place for them to welcome new and old friends and make each person who comes through the door feel right at home, and it sure feels that way! Style is pretty classic and eclectic.

Let me take you through this beautiful home…..

Living room
Annie’s home is a treasure trove of unique finds collected on travels abroad and sourced lovingly over time. As soon as you step inside, you’re welcomed into the sunlight of the large living room bursting with vignettes of color, charm, and personal touches that reflect Annie’s penchant for eclectic design.

Although the flat is in the heart of the city, there is a nod to nature throughout the flat that extends beyond the quaint garden. It’s quite a bright and vivacious place with the big windows and natural light and one would fall in love with the mix of colours inside.

The bed room emanates a summertime vibe with it’s block printed furnishings and is soothing to the eyes.
Annie is very creative by nature, she loves creating new things. You would see her creative imprints in her handmade wall decor.

In addition to Annie’s style being undeniably eclectic, there is a strong undercurrent of positivity in every room. When not doing what she loves, Annie surrounds herself with what she loves, as evident from the decor.

It is hard to believe that two kids also live in the house. Annie and Partha have managed to keep the home very organized and maintain a sense of order, while still fostering a sense of family and play.

The house is a reflection of their many interests and a home base for their active lives. While their combined space is beautifully curated it also feels genuine, striking a balance that is often hard to achieve without missing a beat. Annie is charismatic and has a strong sense of style, a keen eye for design and understanding of color. She is a chef and she provides delicious desserts to

She gathers her treasures from far and wide and each piece has its own story to tell.

“I look for the magic everywhere whether it’s off the beaten track antique shops or a market I might stumble across on a buying trip” says Annie.

The instant serenity of the guestroom is achieved by the soft white bedspread, calming off white wall color, floral curtains and a bamboo window chair.

Annie’s home is infused with an energy of curiosity and play. They love entertaining, and and their house has an equally welcoming look and feel, as one steps in.

home tour

Trust your instinct when it comes to style while decorating your home. Things in your home don’t need to match, you just need to love them.

Untitled design (2)

As  Brene Brown said , ‘Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world’….So go….Imagine Create Inspire .

All images credit/copyright The Home Spirit and Annie Das Neog


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