My Little Windowsill

How often does our home decor thoughts get stuck in those awkward spaces in the room. And how often do we stand, arms akimbo and eyes fixed as we stare blankly at those spaces waiting on a light bulb moment. These weird in-between places don’t seem to have an automatic solution and wind up in awkward decorating limbo, both overthought yet under dressed. What are you supposed to do with them anyway? One such space is the windowsill. . It’s a tricky area to decorate, given its often awkward location, but when it’s done right, the results can transform your home’s character for the better. Read on to learn how to turn these windowsills into beautiful, functional spaces; on a good day even become the pièce de résistance of the room’s decor.

Arrangement of glass vases on a windowsill

Bottle Decor

Personally I avoid opacity on my windowsill as I like to be able to see the world outside without too much hindrances in between. Knowing myself, I am more likely to place something translucent on the sills. If you can “see through” my ideas it must be quite “clear” to you that glass adds the much needed class to windowsills. Puns aside, it’s actually a good idea to let the sunlight reflect through some glass bottles, preferably of varied sizes and curves to break the monotony.

Place Some Plants

Windowsill Garden

Plants! Of course plants, they make me forget all about glass, for a few moments that is. Plants are naturally sculptural and can help you offset the hard angles of a corner. Besides, if you have a kitchen windowsill you can also create a miniature herb garden. I think that herb garden planters have the potential to dramatically improve their kitchen windowsill, especially during springtime. Herbs lend a rustic, outdoorsy ambiance as well as a sense of fun and are relatively inexpensive.

Create a Reading Spot

Reading Nook

Nothing is more cozy than wedging yourself into a small space that mentally hugs you as you curl up in a space and read. This however maybe a deeply personal choice depending on preferences – some may prefer vast empty spaces  and find capsular nooks too claustrophobic.

A Functional Workstation

Windowsill workstation

Create a small, yet highly functional workstation by simply adding a modern desk, task lighting, and comfortable desk chair. Once it is done, you will thank me for this… will be at your creative best with all the breeze and natural sunlight coming in through the windows.

Create your own Vignette

If you have a smaller windowsill create a vignette with books, lamps and things that you love.  I love vignettes because they are an affordable way to bring charm, character, and life to any space. Inexpensive elements can easily be introduced to create a beautiful and balance composition.  It’s really not about the value of the items you display , but instead how it’s put together! 

Hopefully these tips will help you to bring the best out of your windowsill space. How you go about decorating it will of course depend on the space available as well as the kind of window dressing you’ve opted for. So before cramming your windowsill with random objects be sure that said decorative additions won’t hinder your ability to control the flow of natural light which enters your home space.

I would love you to share your feedback on all my posts…..Till then keep the window open, let me drink the day!

Images have been taken from Pinterest for reference purpose.


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