Urmi’s Happy Cove

Hello everyone! I am glad to be back this month with another gorgeous home for you to peek inside. This month, I took a tour inside the quirky and collected home of Urmi and Dhruv. Urmi is a lawyer while Dhruv is an armyman. Filled with creative treasures and bold bursts of colour, this home tour is sure to leave you inspired and you could find yourself headed to your nearest home decor store. When I first walked in, I was immediately blown away by the fact that such a compact home can be so full of “things” but still feel so open, bright, and cheery.

This house is a 650 sq feet house in a tony South Delhi  locality, perfect for a working woman like Urmi. Her husband gets posted at various places due to his job so her goal was to have a small home with light, fresh interior, filling it with characteristic furniture, each piece with a story. “I love collecting pieces that come with a story” says Urmi. She and Dhruv had managed to create a truly artful place that is a rich mixture of colour, pattern and texture, along with old and new pieces working together in harmony.

I noticed that Urmi and Dhruv are not afraid to use colour generously. Their home decor can be rightly said to be part of a “well travelled” home, as their globe trotting memories adorn every corner of their space.

Urmi inherited her home decor love from her mother who is a DIY enthusiast. She says, “After a hectic day at work I want to come to a  place where I can find peace.  My style is not fussy. I would say comfortable yet chic.

Let me take you though this beautiful home, see if it does inspire you.

Quirky Furniture
A contemporary yellow sofa pops against the bright orange wall in the living room and a very quirky corner for sipping your favourite cup of coffee

Dining Room

The predominant white  colour palette of the house has a calming effect amidst the whirlpool of dazzling colours. The pop ups in orange in each wall help all the spaces to feel connected. One of my favorite features is the yellow couch in the living room.

Wall Decor
Urmi loves collecting plates from various stores and has a beautiful wall decked up with plates with floral and animal motifs
Living Room collectibles
Though the space is full of fun and interesting things to look at, it doesn’t feel overwhelming. In fact you get the sense this is both a peaceful and creativity-inducing place to live in!
Look at these beautiful fresh flowers in bright colours and numerous colourful decorative elements… aren’t they just adorable?

A treasure trove of quirky, colourful collectables enhances the warm and whimsical vibe and brings every nook in this house alive. With an eye for unique quirky finds and a penchant for creating a happy yet calming space, Urmi’s regards decorating her home as a way of life.


Her display of unique treasures collected from her various trips


Urmi’s beautifully managed apartment says to all the decor enthusiasts that size doesn’t matter. Small adjustments to existing storage space can visually double your space. Feel free to surround yourself with things that you cherish because if you truly love something, then it will find it’s own place. Fill your home with life, be it people, pets, or plants. FOR RENTERS: Don’t be afraid to invest in your rental. Paint walls, change fixtures, swap faucets, DIY everything. If it will make your time there more enjoyable then it is well worth the money spent.

Coco Chanel said “the best things in life are free, the second best are expensive”. So as extremely appealing as living in a grand pristine house sounds, at the end of the day I’ll choose the home with healthy, happy, and loving inhabitants. {And hopefully we manage to spare a few of the second best things along the way!}

All images credit/copyright The Home Spirit and Urmi


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