Is your fridge all wrong? The secrets of food organisation

Organisation is important to me in virtually every aspect of life (let’s be real…in every single aspect of life), but it’s especially important in my kitchen. Mainly because I only eat out once or twice a month and spend a heck of a lot of time cooking and baking in my apartment kitchen. I always feel a well-organised fridge can make your life easier in a number of ways, from better preserving food to saving energy. It can seem overwhelming at first to tackle a reorganisation of your entire fridge and freezer — how will you know where the ketchup is? — but it’s actually a lot of fun!

Organising tips

Let’s start with the basic, the benefits:

  • Food won’t spoil
  • Food will keep longer
  • You can easily tell what food you have and what you need to buy
  • Makes cooking time so much quicker
  • Preparing school/office lunches is much quicker

Ways to organise your fridge:

  1. Fruits and vegetables can easily become squashed and lost in the bottom of your refrigerator.  Keep things organised with the introduction of a basket or two in your produce drawers.
  2. The top half is the coldest place in the refrigerator and is therefore best for meat, poultry and fish. These foods have a higher safety risk, so they’re better off kept colder. The trick with freezers is to pack foods tightly in their containers and keep things well organised, since this optimizes storage and also saves energy.
  3. The refrigerator door is the warmest part of the refrigerator, getting a nice dose of room-temperature air every time the door is opened. It’s a good place for condiments. It is not a good place for anything that is even moderately perishable. Though some models may have a compartment for eggs in the door, it’s better to keep them on one of the main shelves. Doors are the warmest part of the fridge and should be reserved for foods that are most resistant to spoiling. Keep condiments, juices, and other foods that can stand up to temperature fluctuations here. (And remember that even condiments have a shelf life).
  4. I personally use transparent glass and plastic (BPA free) containers. It’s easy to see what’s in the containers because they are transparent and they fit well in my fridge.  The beauty is this range come in a range of sizes, so I do recommend measuring your fridge and then determining what size containers will best fit in your space.  I removed a shelf from my fridge so it is easier to access all the containers.  I also keep all my packets of peas and corn in containers as I find they’re easier to store and stops the odd pea falling out.
  5. Overall: Don’t crowd your shelves too much. Unlike the freezer, the fridge shouldn’t be totally packed. Cold air needs to flow here, and if it can’t, you’ll get inconsistent temps with pockets of heat and warmth.


Here are some Tips:

  • Freestanding appliance thermometers are a great way to ensure your freeze and freezer stay at the right temperatures.
  • Don’t leave food unrefrigerated for more than 2 hours.
  • Rotate food when you bring your groceries home, move all the older food to the front so you use it first. Putting it all in a basket with an “eat first” label is a good trick.
  • If you open a can and don’t use everything inside, never put the can back in the fridge; food can react to the metal in the can and cause it to spoil prematurely.
  • Cleaning your fridge once a month will help prevent the build up of bacteria and undesirable odours.


Never refrigerate

  • Bread: A common mistake, but placing bread in the fridge will cause it to dry out. It can, however, be placed in the freezer for up to three months.
  • Tomatoes: They will thrive at room temperature – but will be mealy and odorless if refridgerated.
  • Onions, squash and potatoes: Find a dark cupboard with low moisture levels and store them there instead.

I do love how tidy my fridge stays because of how organised it is by simply using some containers and fun labels. I dont have to search where the sauces /dressings are.And having all the things together makes cooking so much fun and easy.

So, who is game to show me their fridge? If anyone has a better idea I would love to hear it or even better if you can share the images.


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